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Put your mind at ease with Alertdesk. We monitor your site 24/7 and notify you instantly via Email, Slack or Push if downtime or performance problems should occur.

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Start monitoring your website within a couple of minutes. Easy setup and a very intuitive dashboard make website monitoring a piece of cake. Check your site for uptime and performance problems or connect apps from your third-party vendors to get notified as they are subject to disturbances or plan maintenances.

Powerful features

Don’t serve your visitors a broken or slow website.
Get notified and fix it right away.

Know if your site goes down

We test your site from multiple locations around the world to see if it is up. Run checks as often as every minute and get notified instantly if your website isn’t responding.

Test your flows automatically *

Ensure that your checkout flow or signup process works as intended by testing with a real browser. Test multiple site interactions (e.g., add to cart) with a “step-by-step” check.

Keep track of your page speed

Your site load time is critical for user experience as well as SEO. Nobody likes a slow website. Track and analyze your critical pages – e.g., your checkout, signup page, homepage, etc.

Get instant push notifications

Never miss a notification again. With the Alertdesk App (iOS & Android), you always have your checks at your fingertips. Get notified via push if disturbances should happen.

Never let your SSL-certificate expire

We keep an eye on your SSL-certificates expiration date. If the certificate is about to expire, we will notify you. An expired certificate can result in customers not being able to reach your site.

Pause checks for maintenance

Automatically pause and reactivate your checks at predefined points in time. While your maintenance plan is running, all notifications and monitoring will be paused until it ends.

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The Alertdesk App (iOS & Android)

Stay informed. Take your
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Keep track of your monitoring – anywhere, anytime. The Alertdesk app gives you the same detailed overview as the desktop-version and also enables you to get push notifications if a check should go down.

The App is available for Android & iOS and is completely free.

Who is it for

See what Alertdesk can do for you and your company.
Provide your users with the best experience.

Keep track of your online store

You already track your sessions, orders, and conversion rate so course you should also track your store’s uptime and performance.

Make sure your site is available 24-7 and can be reached from every geographical region you serve.

Keep track of your critical pages to make sure that everything runs smoothly and error-free. Monitor and optimize the load performance so you can give your users the best experience.

Understand your website’s performance

Identify the root cause of any operation disturbance and assist the incident reporting procedure. View the detailed logs of every check and explore the headers, query params, and response body.

Monitor the geographic response time and make sure your site loads fast in every geographical region you serve.

Track critical pages and flows with our Browser Check that emulates a real Chrome browser. Monitor and identify exceptions and errors that impact your customers directly.

Monitor business-critical pages

Does your company rely on specific pages to drive sales and leads? Then monitoring isn’t just preferable – it is a necessity.

Track that your pages always load fast and can be reached from every geographical region that you serve.

Use our easy to understand logs and reports to make data-driven decisions on how to optimize your site’s performance.


Integrate with your favorite software
with just a click of a button

Are you interested in integrating your software with Alertdesk? Send us an email at hello@alertdesk.com.

* App coming soon

Global monitoring

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