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Track speed & performance

Dive into our powerful performance report that captures valuable data about your site’s speed. We track daily from both Mobile & Desktop.

Detect issues and bugs

Quickly locate and fix issues on your site. We test daily for performance, SEO, best practices, and accessibility issues and guide you on fixing them.

Monitor uptime & domain health

Put your mind at ease. We monitor your site’s uptime every 5 minute – 24/7. We also analyze your domain for connection to malware servers and more.

Benchmark against competitors

“Keep your metrics close and your competitor’s metrics closer.” – Don’t get overtaken by your competitors – benchmark against their scores.

Speed & performance tracking

A slow website cost you
customers and rankings.

Your site load time is critical for user experience as well as SEO. Nobody likes a slow website.

We track your page’s speed & performance daily – from both a Mobile & Desktop device.

Capture important metrics such as:

  • Load time
  • Page size
  • Web vitals
  • Requests

Issues & bugs detection

Errors happen. Catch them before your customers.

There’s no doubt about it – errors suck.

But do you know which kinds are the worse? The ones that go unnoticed by your team.

We test for errors on both your Mobile- and Desktop website. Detect issues such as:

  • Performance issues
  • On-page SEO issues
  • Best practices issues
  • Accessibility issues

Uptime & Domain health monitoring

Make sure your site is running and healthy.

Be the first to know if your website goes down. We monitor your site every 5 minute 24/7 and notify you instantly if downtime should occur.

To ensure that your domain is as healthy as a horse, we also monitor:

  • SSL Certificate validity
  • SSL Certificate expiry
  • Domain expiry
  • Domain malware

Competitive benchmarking

Take a peek into your competitors' metrics.

Get access to your competitor’s metrics instantly and see how their sites are performing against yours.

We use data collected from real-world users that shows how they experience the website.

Our data goes 12 months backs* and provides a detailed overview of how many users have had a good, average, or poor experience.

*If data is available for the domain.

Lighthouse-powered monitoring

Developed by Google. Trusted by thousands of developers worldwide.

Our audits are powered by Google Lighthouse, which thousands of developers and website owners use every day.

We have helped our customers save countless hours each month. By using Alertdesk to test and log the results automatically, they have freed up time that was previously spent doing the work manually.

We also helped by providing more reliable and trustworthy data. We use Amazon Web Services (AWS) to run our audits in an isolated and stable environment (same geographic location and same computing resources – RAM & CPU), which means all data are easily comparable.

Each audit is performed on both an emulated Mobile device and an emulated Desktop device.

📱 Mobile

Motorola Moto G4 (Emulated)
Slow 4G (1,6 Mbps) (Simulated)
4x CPU Slowdown (Simulated)

🖥️ Desktop

Desktop device (Emulated)
10 Mbps connection (Simulated)
No CPU slowdown (Simulated)


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Powerful front-end monitoring

Easily keep track of your site’s quality and performance. With our Lighthouse-powered tool, you can automatically track your most essential pages.

We run daily tests from both an emulated Mobile- and Desktop-device to precisely see how your site performs. Our data is easily comparable since we run it from the same location with the same computing resources (RAM & CPU).

Track essential metrics such as load time, First Contentful Paint (FCP), Largest Contentful Paint (LCP), and much more. View third-party scripts and understand how they impact your speed.

Get recommendations and actionable insights on how to improve performance, best practices, SEO, and accessibility.

Monitor your site’s uptime from multiple geographical locations. Identify the root cause of any operation disturbance and assist the incident reporting procedure.

View the detailed logs of every check and explore the headers, query params, and response body.

Better websites get better conversions

Nobody enjoys a slow or buggy website. Not only does your user experience affect your conversions, but it also impacts your SEO.

Google has for many years been using UX-signals as a ranking-factor, and starting May 2021, they will also begin using core web vitals as one.

Lucky for you, Alertdesk helps you track multiple factors that can impact your ranking and overall conversion rate – including core web vitals.

With our powerful performance reports, you get key insights into how your pages perform – both from a Mobile and a Desktop perspective.

Get actionable tips on how to improve your performance, best practices, SEO, and accessibility.

Never worry again about your site going down. We also monitor your site every minute – 24/7 and notify you instantly if your website isn’t responding.

We also keep track of your domain’s health by analyzing for connections to malware servers, as well as your SSL-certificate’s validity. That way, you can focus on getting customers and not worrying.

Know exactly how your store is performing

Website performance has become a critical factor – especially in the eCommerce space. With so many alternatives flooding the internet, the customers have become less patient – and so have Google.

For many years Google has used load time as a ranking factor, and starting May 2021, they are taking it up another notch by using core web vitals as a new ranking factor.

When using Alertdesk, you can track these metrics – among many others. We test your pages daily from both a Mobile and Desktop perspective.

Dive into the powerful reports and get actionable tips on how to improve your site’s performance, best practices, SEO, and accessibility.

Never lose sleep again, worrying about your store being down. We monitor it every minute – 24/7 and notify you instantly if it isn’t responding.

We also check your SSL-certificates validity, your domain name’s expiry date and analyze it for connections to malware servers.

So let us focus on monitoring your store, so you can focus on serving your customers.

Give your clients the best experience

Monitoring and tracking a single website can difficult enough in itself. Doing so with multiple websites can be a nightmare if you don’t have the right tools.

Alertdesk helps you to keep an eye on your client’s website. Track their performance and generate impressive reports to hand over to your clients.

Automatically detect issues and bugs, and get tips on how to fix them. We test for performance, best practices, SEO, and accessibility issues.

Make sure all of your client’s websites are running smoothly with our uptime check. We run a check every minute – 24/7 and notify you right away if one of them should go down.

Are you looking to sell our monitoring as part of your own packages? Become an Alertdesk partner and white-label reports and dashboards by embedding your logo. Contact us to hear more.

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