Website Monitoring has never been easier.

No technical knowledge needed. Setup a check in less than 15 seconds and start monitoring. It’s that simple.

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24/7 Website Monitoring

We keep a constant eye on
your websites availability.

You can put your mind at ease with Alertdesk. We monitor your site’s availability 24/7 from multiple locations around the world.

Run checks as often as every minute and get notified immediately if a check should go down. To ensure you won’t get any false positives, we always perform a second check to confirm the issue.

You can always modify how often you run a check and how many minutes should pass by before notifying you.

Quick and easy setup

Setup a check faster than you
can say Benedict Cumberbatch.

No need to waste a lot of time with complicated setups or hire a technical mastermind. Setup a check in less than 15 seconds.

We believe website monitoring should be available for everyone, which is why we have made it as easy as possible to setup.

Insert the URL you want to monitor, choose an interval, assign a team/person, and give it a name. That’s it. No scripts or plugins required.

Real Browser Check Coming soon

Track errors and performance
with a real Chrome Browser.

A website may be up and responding, but if it’s slow to load and error-prone, it might as well be down. Users and search engines like Google hates slow websites.

With a Browser Check you can monitor your critical page’s performance and get notified about errors and warnings. We use a real Chrome Browser to view your website from a user’s perspective.

Gain insight into your website’s performance and quickly identify problems with an easy to understand report.

Instant notification

Get notified right away by
either Email, Slack or Push.

When it comes to downtime, speed is of the essence. The sooner you know, the sooner you can get to fixing the problem.

As soon as a check goes down, we retry again right away to avoid false positives. If the check still doesn’t respond, we notify you immediately by your preferred channel.

You can choose to get notified on one or more channels. At the moment, we offer Email, Slack, or Push notifications via our iOS or Android app. We are currently expanding this list.

Android & iOS App

Never miss an insight. Monitor
your website from anywhere.

Take your monitoring with you on the go with the Alertdesk app.

Get the same detailed overview as the desktop-version and
receive push notifications if a check should go down.

The App is available for Android & iOS and is completely free.

The Alertdesk Appstore Coming soon

Integrate Alertdesk with
the software you love ❤️

We play well with your favorite software. The Alertdesk Appstore helps you to easily connect with 3rd party integrations – all with just a push of a button.

We are constantly adding new integrations. If you have an integration, you would like to see on the list, drop us an email.


Push notifications on Slack when a check goes down.


Easily connect your SmartWeb-store with Alertdesk.


Monitor your stores “Pick-up Point”-selector and more.


Get notified about disturbance and issues.


Connect your store with our Magento extension.


Monitor your “Return Portal” and more.

Easily manage teams and users

Marketing, Development, Management?
Choose which team should get notified 🔔

Running a website is rarely a one-person job. Depending on the size of the organization and the website’s complexity, a website can easily involve tens of people.

Alertdesk allows you to invite all of these people in and manage their access-level. Create as many teams as needed and choose which checks they should be subscribed to.

Marketing may want to monitor their own landing pages, whereas Development may be more interested in their public APIs.