Media Kit

Hey there! Below you will find some guidelines on how to use our logo and brand, including assets such as logo, product screenshots, and leadership photos. If you have any questions or requests feel free to reach out to


The Alertdesk-logo is avaliable in PNG, SVG and JPG on white background.

Download all Alertdesk logos

Download all logos

UI Screenshots

Screenshots of the Alertdesk software.

Alertdesk Dashboard

Alertdesk Check Report


Photos of the founders behind Alertdesk.

From left: Morten Lanng Gulstad, Mark Lade, Thomas Knudsen

From left: Mark Lade, Thomas Knudsen, Morten Lanng Gulstad

From left: Thomas Knudsen, Mark Lade, Morten Lanng Gulstad

From left: Mark Lade, Morten Lanng Gulstad, Thomas Knudsen


Please use regular title case when displaying the Alertdesk name.



We use and ❤️ the Nord theme.


















We use Poppins as our primary typeface.