NORRIQ provides consultancy and technology for their customers. They are specialists in ERP, CRM, BI, and eCommerce and have implemented solutions in 46 different countries for 5,000 customers.

As one of the most experienced e-commerce companies, it is essential that they always have a finger on the pulse when it comes to their customers’ eCommerce stores and websites. Alertdesk helps them provide this pulse check around the clock.

Dennis Tranekær Hostrup, Business Operations Manager at NORRIQ, tells us how they use Alertdesk in everyday life and what they monitor.

“We have set up monitoring for all our customers. We build eCommerce stores, which are crucial bodies in our clients’ business. Therefore, we must ensure that everything runs smoothly with integrations and always performs lightning-fast.

Our passion for the customer’s solution is PERFORMANCE, which is why we must always keep an eye on this. Alertdesk helps us do this at all times. Another critical element is our monitoring for the operations team, which is quicker to respond to abnormalities in the customer’s solutions – quicker than the customer can detect it.”

In their office, NORRIQ has set up a TV with its Alertdesk dashboard to monitor their customers’ performance. They make use of Alertdesks TV mode and Dark mode functionality. Should a check go down, a flashing red box will appear, so it can’t be overlooked – even at a distance.

NORRIQ shows their Alertdesk Dashboard in TV- & Dark-mode

Before Alertdesk, NORRIQ used its own log system. In addition to freeing up more time, as they no longer need to maintain this system, it has also made their perhaps most important product – the customer service – stand even stronger. Dennis explains:

“We are able to provide a vastly better service for our customers. Faster response and a better knowledge of what is happening in our major integrations. Previously we had our own log, which was not comprehensive enough. Now we have been able to take this step further and also show our customers that we take performance seriously.”

By choosing Alertdesk, NORRIQ has improved its monitoring, freed up more time to concentrate on the essential tasks, and strengthened its brand towards the customers regarding being serious about performance.

Kasper Andreassen

Kasper Andreassen

Kasper is the Marketing- & UX manager at Alertdesk. He loves optimizing and UX. Proud father of two boys, scared of exercise and fond of beer.