Otiom Location DeviceOtiom is a location device that prevents people with dementia from getting lost. Their relatives receive a text message alert if they leave the predefined geographic safety zones.

Otiom uses Infobip.com as their SMS provider to send these alerts. Getting these text messages out to the person’s relatives is absolutely business-critical for a company like Otiom.

Their SMS provider had previously experienced operational problems for some time without Otiom knowing it. They decided after that incident never to be caught off-guard again – they needed to monitor their provider.

Usually, you would need to develop and maintain your own software solution that continually communicates with the 3rd party provider. This is both expensive and time consuming.

Enter Alertdesk.

By setting up an Alertdesk-account, Otiom was able to quickly and easily set up checks which monitor the specific Infobip APIs they use. These critical REST-services are:

  • Total balance: Check if the account has credits enough to send text messages.
  • Messages: Check if any text messages could not be delivered.
  • Status: Check if Infobip is subject to disruptions in general.

Otiom is now using Alertdesk’s Uptime-checks to monitor each Infobip-service every minute of the day. Should one of these services fail, Otiom will get notified right away via Email, Slack, and Push-notification.

What makes the Uptime-check a strong tool is its ability to communicate with arbitrary systems through a standard setup in Alertdesk. No development is required.

Moreover, by using Assertions, Otiom is able to process Infobip responses and set up specific rules. These rules are:

    • Total balance should be higher than 0 credits.
    • Messages should not contain “Not delivered”.
    • Status should be “OK”.
Example of the Assertion looking at the Total Balance.

Example of the Assertion looking at the Total Balance.

Otiom’s Uptime-checks receives a lot of complicated JSON-data, but thanks to Alertdesks JSONPath-filter, only errors (the rules above) trigger an alert.

Alertdesks JSONPath filter

Now Otiom no longer has to worry about being caught off-guard if their 3rd party SMS provider is subject to any technical issues.

Kasper Andreassen

Kasper Andreassen

Kasper is the Marketing- & UX manager at Alertdesk. He loves optimizing and UX. Proud father of two boys, scared of exercise and fond of beer.