Speed & Performance tracking

Automatically track web performance metrics from Mobile & Desktop.

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Web Performance Metrics

Keep track of your web vitals
and your page's overall performance.

Keep track of your page’s web performance metrics with our automated tests.

Each day we run a test from both a Mobile and a Desktop perspective, where we collect essential metrics such as load time, page size, and requests.

We also collect and evaluate web vitals, such as First Contentful Paint (FCP), Largest Contentful Paint (LCP), Time to Interactive, and more.

Content analyzer

Understand exactly how your content
impact your page's performance.

Get a better understanding of your content by analyzing its impact on your performance.

See which domains and which type of content has the most significant effect on your page size.

Our waterfall analysis (file requests) helps you locate bottlenecks and exactly which files are slowing it down.

File size and load time are not always correlatable. A small file can be coming from a slow server and may be blocking other content from loading.

Third-party scripts tracker

Quickly identify which
scripts are the load-sinners.

Speaking of things that impact your load time… If there were a competition for the biggest load sinners, third-party scripts would be standing on the podium right next to media files.

Scripts coming from third party sources, such as tracking scripts, chat widgets, and style libraries can have a massive impact on your performance.

In the performance report, you’ll find a list of all the third-party scripts we could identify on your page. The list quickly gives you an idea of how much of your “performance budget” each script is taking up.

Who knows, you may even find some scripts that you forgot you have added in the past (we’ve seen it before).

Performance diagnostics & opportunities

Find the low-hanging fruits that
can skyrocket your performance.

A mechanic telling you that your car doesn’t run without telling you which part is broken is a pretty useless mechanic.

The same goes for when analyzing a site’s performance.

In our performance report, you will not only find a comprehensive diagnostics list – but you will also find links where you can read more about each problem.

The section called Opportunities gives you suggestions that can help your page load faster. They don’t directly affect your overall performance score but may improve your load time.

Mobile & Desktop testing

We run all tests from both Mobile & Desktop 📱💻

Each report we generate is made from two separate tests. First, we visit your site from a Mobile perspective, afterward from a Desktop.

Both these are then included in a Mobile- and Desktop section of the report. That way, it is easy for you to compare the two results and find potential issues.